Today marks my 7th chemo session and also its the final one before a holiday my extremely kind and generous family are taking me on!! (lucky me) as some of you might guess from the title of this post we are heading off for a week in Torremolinos!!😂😂 and for those of you that don’t get it and think I’m a bit strange then click here!  Those of you that will know my sense of humour will get why this makes me laugh so much, I remembered this Add while driving in the car with the boys telling them that we were going on a holiday, and of course I found this HILARIOUS (Dean not so much!!). I hope it brings a smile to your face too.

I am soooooo looking forward to a week away in the sun even though our weather has been nothing to stick your nose up at lately! Although I am also nervous…..I have been quite up and down with my treatment and the last couple of weeks especially, I was actually due to have this chemo last Tuesday but my bloods were low ( specifically my neutrophils) which resulted in me having neutropenia and therefore it was too dangerous to administer the chemo drugs.  Also they have decided that because of the nausea I’ll be an in-patient going forward! it means missing two days at home with my boys every 2 weeks but it’s necessary and if it means I leave here and can then enjoy my time at home without my head stuck down the loo 🤣 then It’ll be worth it! Plus it gives me time alone to write this and reflect on everything thing. You gotta find those silver linings and try turn the negatives into positives!! This is something I’ve always struggled with I am generally an upbeat easy-going  person but sometimes if I want something to go a certain way (like a nice day out for example where you have all these wonderful mary poppins like ideas but it turns out more like problem child mixed with chucky😂😂 ) It would wreck my head but I’m learning to let the little things go and just live in the moment.

Anyway we’ll all be heading off in 2 weeks and I get a 4 week break from treatment so fingers crossed I’ll be good and well to spend some quality family time with my boys and my family making memories that will last a lifetime and get to enjoy a cocktail or two 🍹🤞🏻😋.

Today I had a progression MRI to check the tumours on my spine, my consultant told me nothing urgent showed up that needs any action to be taken so that’s great! But he needs a day or two to have a proper look and see if they have shrunk or gotten bigger or if theres more 😣! But positive vibes along with all your support will get me through it!

That’s it for this week just a small update! I will be back with any results I receive and again thanks to all of you for the likes, comments, shares and heartfelt get well wishes they really help a lot!

I also just wanted to end by mentioning its men’s health awareness week from the 12thof June!  We all know a man who won’t go to the doctor! But guys it’s so so important if you are worried about anything GET IT CHECKED yes the thoughts of what it could be are so scary but early diagnosis is key!!!! And believe me it won’t go away on its own!

So ladies share with your dads, partners, brothers, sons etc….. And make sure they know all the signs of what to look for ill insert some info here!  

As always thanks for reading and until the next time take care.

Ciara xx

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years!”

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