Sooooo…..we’ve reached a conclusion FINALLY! Obviously not the news myself nor my family or friends wanted to hear but look at least we know now? We have a reason for all this pain and discomfort? we have something to fight against now? I had to, in the grand scheme of things be happy with that knowledge at least.

The cancer I have is called urachal adenocarcinoma, a very rare type of bladder cancer, The Urachus is basically useless it makes up your umbilical cord in you as a baby and stems from behind the belly button down to the bladder, for most people this just dissipates into nothing and cause no concern. BUT I have to be different and go get the rarest form of cancer just to be awkward like!! 🙈😂 I was told by my doctor this was literally just a case of extremely bad luck! Yaaaaaayyy

Unfortunately another obstacle was about to get in my way!  Something that had shown as just a bunch of blood vessels (apparently) on my spine in my previous P.E.T scan was now a cause for concern 😞 time for an MRI …..

Once again not the news I wanted….I was told I had 5 tumors on my spine one of which that was sitting on my T10 vertebrae had gotten so big and heavy it caused the vertebrae to fracture and collapse. (Thankfully not severing or compressing my spinal cord) but this  has been the reason for my back pain the whole time!

At this point we know the cancer originated in the Urachus, spread to the dome of my bladder, my ovaries and now spine.

So what now? Well….. Only 2 and a half weeks out of a 6-8 weeks post op recovery time I was getting sent for emergency radiation….surgery to insert a port in my chest to administer my chemotherapy and a date to start said chemotherapy.  WHIRLWIND!

Radiation is not my friend!!!!! The area of one of my main spine Tumors had to be blasted from the front through to my back which meant the radiation hitting my stomach and essentially burning it. Yuk!! This for me meant the worse case of nausea in my life (and I’ve been pregnant twice with what I thought was bad nausea) no no no! Nothing has or ever will compare to that feeling,  I couldn’t get out of bed I couldn’t eat or drink I felt horrible I didn’t even want my phone near me to contact or talk to anyone I just wanted to curl up and ride this awful thing out alone!!

This obviously isn’t a choice and especially with two boys wanting to see me strong and getting better, so we carry on and next up CHEMO…… 😱

Because of the aggressiveness of this cancer and the fact that I am young and in the grand scheme of things relatively healthy they decided to come at this hard. A plan of 12 fortnightly sessions of folfox and 5fu, I get the folfox administered through my port in the hospital and then a pump of 5fu attached to me before i leave and go back two days later to have it removed then I’m free til the next one, It still makes me nauseous and the first week i’m normally quite drained then my levels come back but then its chemo time again!! Its a vicious circle.

I will never forget my first session, it was nerve wracking i thought id feel different or it would hurt or id become radioactive!! 😂😂 but no…..truth is you feel nothing maybe a little cold in my case but the thought of it is worse i promise!!

Thankfully in my case I have an amazing support network around me and i am so very very grateful for that, the amount of love and support i have received so far is incredible!! My family and friends are outstanding, I would not have got through this last few months without the support, and now since sharing my story the support from you guys has been phenomenal also! I am truly grateful, reading all of the comments it really does help so THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks again for reading and feel to contact me or share in the hopes we can help others realise you’re not alone in this and we can fight this thing together!!

Ciara xxx

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