So here we are…..Chemo time again!!🙄 BUT this chemo marks the halfway point, session 6 out of a scheduled 12. That means its time to find out if its working eeek! 😬😬

So before we find out the news (good or bad) I thought I should fill you all in a little about how I came to be diagnosed.

I had been suffering from (well what i thought were) urinary tract infections for about a year and a half at this point,  And On Thursday January 18th of this year 2018 I went to st Michael’s A&E after spending a night in excruciating pain in my back, down my left leg and in my stomach and I could feel some kind of mass in my lower abdomen.  They gave me pain relief and sent me for an ultrasound…..This is where the world fell from beneath me, they found something!!!

We didn’t know what that something was and they couldn’t get a clear picture due to the size of this mass practically taking over my whole stomach, so thinking its a gyny issue they sent me to hollestreet to be monitored and booked a ct scan for first thing the next morning, Needless to say this night wasn’t a particularly nice one…So many thoughts going through my brain and again the main emotion that I still feel today is scared!!  I’m not going to lie I AM TERRIFIED everyday!!

FRIDAY: I was transferred to St Vincent’s Hospital for a ct scan and a MRI these showed two massive tumours on my ovaries the left measuring 20cm and the right 10cm and they had now started to bleed into each other and were growing rapidly along with my belly!!

According to the radiographer this WAS NOT looking hopeful!

SATURDAY: Biopsy day! next step was to try get a sample to get a diagnosis…this wasnt possible as they were bleeding so bad so a tissue sample wasnt achieved but they took some fluid to test (which ironically came back benign) but what I should also mention is my body wasnt adding up to what I was presenting with, In the sense that I wasnt suffering in pain for a long time as I should have been , And also my blood work was completely normal with my tumour markers extremely low.  So I was hopeful for a while but they still were uncertain do they do surgery and hope its benign and that’s that! or do we investigate further?

Next step was P.E.T scan…..this should certainly clear things up? not yet! scan results showed shadows in my bladder, my pancreas, adrenal gland and bones.BUT again bloods were showing nothing to indicate abnormalities in my bones?🤷‍♀️ So myself the nurses and my consultant all still none the wiser but now im getting more frightened with every day that goes by and I still have these massive growths inside!!  So Cystoscopy (look inside my bladder) next !

Results of this again were confusing yes there was something in bladder but results weren’t conclusive no one knew what we were dealing with so we decided to go ahead with surgery as this is the only way to confirm for sure! so that came next….

February 14th: Day of surgery: I had a complete hysterectomy ( no more bambinos for me) and a third of my bladder removed! I’ts kinda ironic in a way you know I would have thought I was finished my family but when your are told the choice of having another child or ever trying for that little girl I always dreamed of to save me from a house full of smelly boys lol,  But I wouldn’t change them for the world!!😍😊    Everything was sent to the lab and then we wait and recover!

THE LONGEST WEEK AND HALF OF MY LIFE goes by and we finally have results!!!! Albeit not the outcome I wanted to hear……CANCER!!!

This is just the gist of things to start and give you a little picture of the last few months.  I will delve further into the type of cancer/treatments/outcomes etc in my next post!

I hope you enjoyed reading and look out for the next one and maybe a couple of beauty hacks and tips thrown in for those who are interested! 😜

Ciara xxx

” In a world where you can be anything…..Be kind!”

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